There are no online casinos allowed in Russia. Gambling is allowed in the country only in special gambling zones. Betting on the Internet can be accepted by bookmakers, that is, those that are licensed in Russia. Neither these licensed bookmakers, nor anyone else in Russia can offer online casino betting.  What law prohibits online casinos? Read More

YGAM, which focuses on addiction among young people, is launching Mindful Resilience in collaboration with several other partners. Through this program, general practitioners will be trained to help people who suffer from gambling addiction.   The effort was motivated by the nation’s gambling regulator’s 2019 report. It addressed the problem of suicide among gambling addicts and Read More

It is thought that Baccarat was invented by an Italian man named Felix Falguerein, in 1500. At first, it was played with tarot cards. Nowadays, Baccarat is played at casinos and by gamblers with the traditional 52 card deck.  The dealer  Baccarat is played by 12-14 individuals at one table and depending on the number Read More

If you want to beat the casino at roulette, you need to use proven and effective methods. To navigate the topic, it is necessary, among other things, to know the probability of winning for different types of bets. The probability of winning at roulette The probability of winning at roulette depends on the type of Read More

During the game process, addicted people produce dopamine, the so-called hormone of happiness. It is he who acts as a drug during the game and then, the human body simply cannot cope without it. After the first small win, a person is overtaken by a gambling state and he simply cannot stop playing. It is Read More


Probably most of you already understand what data mining is and actively use if for your everyday grinding sessions, but I will just go over the term for those who are less than familiar with it. Data mining in online poker is the process of collecting hands that have been played by other players and Read More


One of the very best things that can have occurred to us in our short historical past will be the Internet. It has single handedly revolutionized numerous elements from the world as we all know it. It has turned numerous things in our lives on their collective heads, the very best instance for this being Read More

Welcome to Deep Sea Dosh, a pokie from Microgaming that, at first glance, is highly reminiscent of the Disney animated movie The Little Mermaid. A small introductory video precedes the actual pokie wherein the animations are all in very bright colours thereby providing you with a very lively gaming experience. Deep Sea Dosh is one of the many pokies from Microgaming with one playable line in the middle. As such, you might think it is just another classical pokie. However, Deep Sea Dosh has some surprises for you, including several advanced features.

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Most software producers, including Microgaming, design more or less similar pokies. However, this time you’re in for a surprise as Cashapillar is a little bit out of the ordinary. After a quick glance this is not noticeable because it consists of the usual five reels and three rows. Still, take a closer look and you’ll see what we’re referring to. Yes, that’s right, Cashapillar has 100 possible paylines! When all of them are activated it is practically impossible not to get a winning combination in one way or another each time you spin the wheels. Try the free demo version above and you will see how fast profits increase spin after spin.

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It’s now time to take a trip on the outside, where nature will be experienced at its best. Eagles belong to a family of birds that include lots of species, three of which occur in Australia. They are different from other birds of prey in that they are bigger, more powerful, and have a heavier head and beak. Being such a majestic creature, it has been used as a symbol for many nations. Eagle’s Wings will give you the possibility to feel like an eagle. This time you won’t be hunting other animals, instead you’ll go after the riches that the casino has to offer.

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